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Memory Box w/Placard--personalized
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Memory Box w/Placard--personalized
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The new A Place To Remember Memory Box is a padded box covered in natural hand-crafted paper. Exclusively made for A Place To Remember, it has been specially designed in size to accommodate both the Memories of Our Baby and Our Little Angel baby books. The frame on the inside of the hinged cover can be used in a variety of ways, from showcasing a photo, memorial placard, or our Certificate of Birth or Certificate of Baptism/Dedication

This option includes a PERSONALIZED (name and date) placard that fits in the frame on the inside front cover.

Outside dimensions: 9.25”x9.25”x5.5”; Inside dimensions: 8.5”x8.5”x4.5”; Frame window dimensions (inside cover of box): 6.25”x6.25”


Also view our matching Keepsake Impressions Kit for hands or footprints!

NOTE: For large orders, please call for estimated delivery time. Because the boxes are handmade, large orders can take a longer than normal delivery time.

NOTE: OVERSIZE shipping costs may apply. Please note that the price for shipping in the final order form MAY NOT BE CORRECT. For orders involving MULTIPLE BOXES, overside shipping charges will apply, and the amount charged will be the actual cost of UPS delivery. Call for more details.

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Non-Personalized Placard for Memory Box
This card is designed specifically to fit in the frame on the inside cover of our Memory Box. Wording on the card includes "Memories of You" followed by two blank lines to be filled in with the information most pertinent to the box contents.

Personalized Placard for Memory Box
This PERSONALIZED card is designed specifically to fit in the frame on the inside cover of our "Memory Box". You can have up to three lines of type.