stillborn January 29, 1979.
Remembered by Debra Barnard (mother):
I was 20 when Jamie was stillborn, 20 and dumb, I didn't know how important pre-natal health care was--after all my mom had 5 daughters and didn't go to the doctor execpt to find out if she was pregnant and again to have the baby. Please if you know anyone who is not getting proper health care share my story with them, it may save them years of agony. If I had gotten the proper care this still could have happened to me, but the guilt wouldn't be as intense, and belive me it's still there even after 20 years. I only saw Jamie for a moment in the recovery room, she looked like a tiny (3 lb. 12 inch long) angel so small and yet only 2 weeks early. She had little light brown curls and was a beautiful little face, the doctor told me I couldn't name my little girl, tough about them I did it anyway! Jamie's death should mean something. Maybe this will help some other young woman. I have an 18 year old son now, and believe me I went to the doctor all the time with him. I adore my son, but he doesn't replace another--you can't get your baby back.


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