stillborn September 4th 2005.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
My daughter Serena was stillborn on September 4th 2005, to this day I still can't believe it. We suffered from placental abruption and I almost died as well, sometimes I wish I did, I don't deserve to live after my body betrayed me and my daughter in the most cruel way. I never got to hear you cry, never got to look into your eyes ... you looked so peaceful as I held you in my arms, all 8lbs 2 onzs of you - such a big healthy and beautiful looking girl! PERFECT in every way, It was like you were sleeping, having the most wonderful of dreams. How my heart aches for you, we shared so many intimate moments, how you kept me up at night and I would beg you to let me sleep and how we used to dance to the same music when ever we were out driving around, that was so much fun. The attic is filled with your nursery things, I go in there some times to talk to you and caress your urn which I keep close by to my bed, I love you so hard and deep, I didn't think it was possible to love so fiercly. I haven't been able to develop the photos that the nurses at the hospital took of you. My pain is still too raw, I will someday ... As me and daddy enjoy Christmas together with your brother and sister you are in the forfront of my mind, Merry Christmas my beautiful soft and peaceful daughter, I will never forget you and will love you even after my own death and will be with you in heaven when god so blesses me ...


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