miscarried January 13 2006.
Remembered by Your Loving Mommy:
I got pregnant with you the month after my second miscarriage. I was very shocked and scared yet surprised. I got to carry you inside of me for four wonderful months. I got to see you and hear your heartbeat. I prayed for you everynight. Now I cry for you. I lost you early in the morning on January 13 2006. I saw your little hands and little feet then as I placed you carefully I saw your face. I was too horrified to look at you again. I miss you. I was so ready for you but for some terrible reason you were taken from me. I will always cry for you as I cry for the others I have lost. I will never be the same. You had a brother and sister waiting for you. We all will meet someday, then I can hold you in my arms like I still dream of. I love you and think of you every minute, I'll be seeing you. Love always, Mommy


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