born October 12, 1996 and died October 22, 1996.
Remembered by Kimberly Keane (mommy):
My first born, Gabriel Reese, lived a very short life. He was born 9 weeks early. I became aware that I had formed antibodies against my son at 28 weeks. (This is the time for the first Rogam shot) Blood was taken before the shot was to be given and came back positive for the antibodies. Apparently I was farther along than the doctors thought and the damaging process had begun. Gabriel came into this world very fast, only fifteen minutes of labor and delivery! He weighed 4lbs, 10oz. What a healthy beautiful baby. I cried the moment I first saw him, and find myself still crying 3 years later... Things began downhill five days later. He developed NEC. After transferring to Children's Mercy in Kansas City, surgery was performed. He pulled through beautifully and was on the way to recovery. We were so thankful. However Gabriel did not turn around, other complications ended his life. I suppose that I could grieve and begin to heal if I believed proper medical procedures were followed. This what is the hardest for me to accept. My son was the light in my life. Once it left I have yet to see that light return. I remember his smile everyday and wonder why? My life has forever changed. I am grateful to have had the chance to hold him and whisper in his tiny ear how much his mommy loves him. I cannot wait until I can hold him again forever.


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