stillborn 2004.09.14.
Remembered by His twinsister Adele Sofie,mom Lindy and dad Jon-Ivar:
After years of not getting pregnant,we finally made it may 2004. We were supposed to have twins, but on september the 14. our little boy died. All the doctor`s said that we would loose the other twin also. But a miracle happened. Our little son,Iver, was born september the 17. he was so small,only in week 20. But to us he was beautiful. The other twin didn`t come out and the birt stopped. After 8 weeks in bed on hospital, our little daugther Adele Sofie was born. She was also premature but strong. Today she is the light of our life and she gives us so much joy. But we miss Iver and wish we had him too. You will always be remembered and we will never forget you little Iver.


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