born October 25, 1988 and died January 9, 1989.
Remembered by Momma, Daddy and Big Brother Stephan:
Drew, when Daddy tried to wake you up that morning, our lives changed forever. We didn't understand. We bumbled along for years. Then, we had enough courage to try again. I miscarried that baby in the Summer of 1993. The Lord blessed us with your sister in May 1994. Since the two of you are together now, you know that she had a horribly traumatic birth. By all earthly rights, she never had a chance. But we loved her and cared for her with all our hearts. Stephan was a good Big Brother. When she went with the Lord, it broke our hearts. More like ripped our hearts out of our chests. We will always be grateful for the healings that were brought upon her, though. We know that she did not suffer much pain in her life, and that she died peacefully. She had all the love one person on Earth could possibly want or need. We miss you, Drew. We miss you, too, Becca.


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