born Feb 1st 2003 and died Feb 10th 2003.
Remembered by God Mommy Sandra/U-Fro Neville:
Sometimes when I'm lonely and the nights seem so dark, and cold I think of you and know your not far and you keep me warm in my thoughts.xoxo Your never far from them,and I know you are always there. Many it be when I look up to the stars or find you deep in thy heart. Your going to be 3, and what a big girl I'm sure you are. I can almost feel and see you are running,laughing, and playing and watching over your little brother. I miss you so and I know one day God Mommy will be with you. Always know your my special one and how I love you so. See you in my dreams sweet heart, and I'll hold you close as always. Till I write again. God Mommy loves you so: In my Dream Little One


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