miscarried February 2, 2005.
Remembered by Shawn & Kara Ball:
My heart skips a beat And I take a deep breath My eyes fill with tears As I read the rest “with deepest sympathy’’ they all seem to say don’t they know it wasn’t ‘supposed to end this way’ “it happened early, you’ll be fine, get a little rest and give yourself time” what do they know, it didn’t happen to them?! My misery and sorrow they just condemn We were cheated…you, daddy, and I But our love is eternal, my angel in the sky..................................In loving memory of our precious baby. It has been one year ago today since we lost you, and while we are awaiting the arrival of your little sister next month, our love, loss and grief for you still remain. One day we will all be together, until then, please know that mommy and daddy do love you deeply and have not forgotten you.


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