miscarried 22nd September 2005.
Remembered by Mummy ,Daddy and all your Family x x x:
Precious tiny sweet little one you will always be to me, so perfect pure and inoccent just as you were meant to be. The day we heard you were coming are hearts were filled with joy, the thought for us to hold are little baby boy. We never had the chance to play , to laugh, to rock, to wiggle, we long to hold and touch you now and listen to you giggle. Our hopes and dreams have been shattered and world has fallen apart, but you will always have a special place deep in our hearts. I will always be your mum, he will always be your dad, you will always be are child the child we never had. For you are our guardian angel sent to guide us from above, and we will always be joined together by our everlasting love. Sleep Tight My Precious x x x


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