born May 4, 1990 and died sometime within the two weeks prior to birth.
Remembered by your Mom:
Early prenatal testing found you to be a healthy baby boy. So it was an awful shock to us when the ultrasonographer ran from the room to get the doctor after she failed to detect a heartbeat. Your life ended prematurely, at 19 weeks, your umbilical cord wrapped around your neck. A tragic accident, the doctor said, "...a one-in-a-zillion chance that something like this can happen...but when it happens to you...the odds are 100 percent."
We loved you so--your dad, your brother Sean and me. It was the saddest day of my life when I entered the hospital--to simultaneously give birth to you and lose you. We held you after you were born--your dad, your brother Sean and me. The nurses wrapped you in a tiny blanket and brought you to us. You were lovely and perfect and looked like your big brother.
We had you cremated and scattered your ashes in St. Joseph's Sound, off Honeymoon Island, along with a dozen peach-colored roses. Your brother cried, "You guys have another child, but he was my only brother."
In August of 1991, your brother Patrick was born. In September of 1993, your grandad died...and we scattered his ashes in the same place. Amazingly, as we did so, the sun came out more brightly than it had shined all day. I'm not a terribly spiritual person, but...
I still miss you, M.J.


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