miscarried November 3, 2002.
Remembered by Dad, Mom, and sisters Ashley & Laura:
We know that you know, a day does not go by without us thinking about you. We dont have to worry because we know where you are and who is taking care of you until we get there. You were so brave to try to make it here with us and I am so sorry if I did anything to keep you from making it. We can only imagine what it will be like when we see you. Mommy saw your image on the screen and knew that you were there...but to actually hold you and see you. I dont know how we will feel. We miss you in our lives everyday. We include you in holidays and celebrations--I also know that you know this. Thank you for being our son and brother. Thank you for letting us love you. We are so glad you are ours. Our life will never be the same, you affected us, you make us better, you made us stronger. Until we can hold you for real, we will carry you in our hearts.


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