born june 27th 2001 and died june 27th 2001.
Remembered by mommy & daddy brother steven & sisters sara & emily and the rest of the family!:
it soon will be 5 yrs, boy what we have lost in all those years precious memories that will never be. luke you have a baby sister emily she comes with us on our visits to the cemetary that we make all the time, i know you look down on us your our personal guardian angel. mommy's heart still achnes for you and it will to the day i die, and then me and you can start our lives in heaven together i long to hold you and wish you stay the same so i can raise you in heaven. everyone here we love you and miss you dearly your thought of every day by everyone. i feel real sad about not having you here with us my eye's are full of tears for you honey. i wish it didn't have to be like this you should be with us. SWEETDREAMS MY BABY BOY hold on to your teddy sweet boy I LOVE YOU, WE ALL DO! Hugs & Kisses sweetie. love mommy and your whole family.


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