born August 26, 1998 and died August 26, 1998.
Remembered by mommy and daddy Kern and 2 older brothers:
We do not know the reason that Jesus needed little Christopher for, we only know that we placed into His hands the most special gift we could possibly give. An angel whose voice we never heard, or whose hug we'll never feel, a precious little face with a cute button nose and black wavy hair that now reigns in the Kingdom of God. We shall never forget him, but remember him and love him and miss him immensely until the day that we are all together again. We have shed many tears but give thanks to God for guiding us and giving us strength to go on living.
(Mommy's thought to Christopher) The first night I came home from the hospital I was so incredibly upset and scared, so scared that I did not even want to sleep, but your Daddy said something to me that I shall carry with me forever and it was "you have got to remember that that baby went from your womb to God's arms, he knew no pain and no sorrow, only love and warmth and that's all he'll ever know" and with that thought forever embedded in my mind I shall always love you and miss you sweet Christopher and someday we'll meet again.
P.S. Take care of Grandma Donna in heaven and give her lots of hugs and kisses for Daddy and your brothers.


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