born 5-27-2003 and died 5-27-03.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Brandon, Brianna and Brittney:
The days pass so quickly, it's been almost a year. No my baby, thats not a raindrop, just your Mother's tear. Your memory washes over me, gentle as an Angel's kiss, I ache to tell you all I will miss. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, So short a time I held you, all I didn't get to say. I will never know the sunlight in your hair, Your laughter I will never share. I will never get to watch you play, Or wipe your childhood tears away. The days will go bye, one by one, As I wait for the darkness to lift, to once again feel the sun. I still know nothing will ever be the same, As I stand by your tiny grave, whispering your name. I love you, baby girl. Mommy


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