stillborn jan 5th 2005.
Remembered by mommy daddy kolby corbyn caden:
many years have passed and things are really different. you would have been in school this year and you would be loosing your first toothy just like kolby. corbyn has really started to learn who you are. caden is trying to say your name. the boys look at my leg with all of your footprints and we talk about you. it is really hard for me to picture how you would have been . like kobly really sweet and loves girls even at 6. or corbyn who is a cuddle bug but id a hand full. somedays i look at caden and say that he was a version of you, he is sweet but get in trouble i am shure that in some way that they are all like you, the little boy that i never got to raise. i really miss you and hope that one day i can learn to deal with loosing to befor i even knew you. i always think about you. even more on the days that your younger brothes do something new, something that you will never get to do. please think of us where ever you are we all love you and miss you so much. today you woild be over 6 years old so have fun doing all of the little boy things that you should be doing. lone mommy


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