born January 13, 1999 and died January 13, 1999.
Remembered by Susan and Paul King, her mommy and daddy:
Never to be forgotten from my heart or from my mind.
The love I have for you will be a love of a different kind.
A love of what could have been, a love of what I thought should be,
Of the moment we go from husband and wife and become a family.
You'll always be my first born child,
I'll try not to cry when I say your name.
I promise to love you for the rest of my life
if in heaven, you'll do the same
For now, let Jesus rock you to sleep. Let God sing you lullabies.
Let Him tell you, "it's all right" every time your mommy cries.
The tears are filled with love for you and an ache that won't go away.
Just know that you're never to be forgotten.
Until we meet again, someday...
To Saylor Marie, from your mommy. We love you.


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