stillborn February 6, 2006.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy, Aaka and MiMi (grandparents), Great-grandparents Jim and Darlene Mcneil , Uncle And:
My Little Man, We all miss you so much. We had many plans for you and now that has been taken away form us and our hearts ache each and everyday since you have been gone. You were already an angel the day you were born. Throughout our pregnancy we were so excited to meet our little man and raise you to be a wonderful man. You were going to be our star Dallas Cowboy, do good in school and go on to make a great career for yourself, we were going to teach you to respect your elders and treat people kindly. So many plans lost in just 7 little words, I'm sorry but your son has passed. But there'll be the day that we finally got to play with you and until then know that we all love you very much...


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