born November 18, 1998 and died November 18, 1998.
Remembered by Donny, Lerinda and Racheal:
Even through you only lived a short time. You where loved.
Even through you was wanted by most
it was hard for me to give into my hopes.
Of another child to love and hold.
You still was loved but most.
I feel like I was not really give you the
chances to grow. You still was loved.
So now you are gone. Be
reassure that your earthly family
will always love you.
I am sign this with love from
your mother and your sister and your dear sweet dad.
He know that you was there before I did.
And he try very hard to keep that hope
alive in me that every thing was going to
be ok this time. But I still had my own feeling to
faces and come through. I have not done this very
well up until now. I will try to do better to honer your
name from here on out.
bye for now. mom


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