born March 6, 1997 and died March 15, 1997.
Remembered by her Mommy and Daddy:
There are many different feelings of pain that I have each day. The most painful is the fact that we waited with so much anticipation for our little girl to arrive. I wondered what she would look like and be like. I had so many plans for us together. I was going to take her to the park that is just around the corner from our house. I couldn't wait to take her to church and the beach. But most of all I couldn't wait to hold my very own child. She was only with us for 9 days. I only held her twice. I don't have her to take to the park or anywhere else. My dreams were shattered. I will never get to know what it like to have my Christen here with me. I guess never knowing is the most painful feeling for me.


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