stillborn March 9, 2006.
Remembered by Betsy, Eddie, Jacob, Julie, Gary, Jennifer, Joey sr., Audrey, Joey jr., Kyle, and Ashley.:
We found out we were having our second child in August of 2005 and we were so excited. I was to start blood thinners that very day because of a clottind disorder that I have. The blood thinner was to prevent Tyler and I from getting a blood clot. I had to give myself a shot in my stomach every day. In February of 2006 Tyler stopped moving as much so I went to the doctors to have a non-stress test done and everything was fine, he started moving and his heart rate was where it should be, so i went home. When I went for my check up on March 2,2006 everything was good, Tyler was growing like he should have been and his heart rate was in the mid 140s. The next week when I went in I had to have an ulta sound because his heart beat could not be found. It was then that I found out that he had died. My mother and I just sat silently and cried. His father then came and sat with me through everything. Durring this time I was reassured about what a great family I have, they stayed with me durring the labor and even now they are here for me. Tyler had dark hair, and big hands and feet just like his older brother Jacob. I just wish everone could know Tyler the way I do. Now we have an Angel on Earth and an Angel in Heaven. He is in all our hearts and we love him always.


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