miscarried 22/12/2005.
Remembered by mommy daddy and your big brother Kai:
I'll never know We found out i was pregnant with my second child i was over the moon!! a few short weeks later you were took away from us!! i didnt tell many people and thats my biggest regret so now our life goes on with many people not knowing of your presence if i could change one thing in my life i would of shouted you from the rooftops!! im sorry if i let you down please accept this poem from us!! look after us especially your big brother kai!! x x I'LL NEVER KNOW How do I say goodbye ... when I didn't get to say hello? I want so bad to keep you ... how do I let you go? I have so many dreams, so much love I want to share There's nothing I can do ...why is life unfair? You're my perfect angel...I dreamed you long ago I never got to hold you but it breaks my heart to let you go The pain and confusion I feel inside I can not explain...I can not describe God will rock you in your cradle and watch you as you sleep I will love you in my heart ... it's all I get to keep you are blessed my child ... you're in heaven up above You'll never be have Mommy, Daddy and kais love Hush my little need not ever cry You were always wanted! I wish you didn't die You'll be my sunshine in the daylight and the brightest star at night Reach for God's hand and go to the light I would rather endure the pain of losing you right now Then the thought of you suffering thru life...we'll get thru somehow I was blessed to have you briefly...even though I have to let you go I wish I knew the reason but I guess I'll never know x x Always in our thoughts x x


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