stillborn August 24, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy n Daddy:
I cherish every hiccup I felt Whether it kept me up at night I love the stretchmarks you gave me Even though they're horrible in sight I cherish every big and little kick I took 'us' for granted As I look back, it makes me sick I wish you were here today I would kiss you and cuddle you and say You are my inspiration to continue through my day I will love you forever and you will not be fogotton, Never I see you in everything I do And dont worry my beautiful baby Id never say I didnt know you Because of my short time with you I am a better person Ive never seen anything so perfect and so sweet I would tell you how much I love you And how I cant wait until we again meet I want to hold you in my arms again I dream about your smile I wonder if your big eyes are blue I know it will be a while I watch your daddy close his eyes And I see you in his face Im happy you never felt pain You entered straight to God's Grace I try to go to sleep But instead I just lay I dream about what we would be doing today I wonder how you'd act And how your tiny voice would sound I want to hold your little hand I needed you around I get told it happened for the best It wasnt meant to be I dont want to hear that Its not an excuse for me I know Ill never know the reason You left us so fast Until the day we meet again Ill cry and say AT LAST! Ill hug you and kiss you And Ill never let go I pray to God my Baby, That you know I love you so Its time to go to bed now Ill be waiting for you in my dreams You're always in my heart It wont be to long my little Angel For us to be apart I love you my perfect Angel Baby, Until the day we meet again...


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