miscarried 7/4/05, 9/14/05, 2/16/06.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Baby Kyle 1: I will never forget the naive excitement I felt when I found out I was pregnant w/ you. We told everyone right away!! We even talked about what we would name you...would you be a boy or a girl? When I lost you the weekend of 7/4/05 we were devastated. I never got to see if your little heart began to beat. The Dr's said miscarriages are very common and to try again. I'm sad that I have nothing to remember you by...but I do remember the love I felt for you right one could ever take that away. Baby Kyle 2: We got pregnant w/ you right away after losing your first brother or sister. I was nervous...but excited and hoped and prayed that you would live. When we saw your teeny tiny heart beating we were beyond excited and showed everyone your picture. The next wk your heart beat was too slow...and told me you might die. I prayed and begged God to save you...but He did not. After that I found out that my blood clots very easily...something I never would have found out if if weren't for you. You may have saved mommy's life b/c then the Dr's knew I needed the right medicine. I can close my eyes right now and remember your little heart...the one I loved so much. Baby Kyle 3: I remember the fear and hope I felt all at the same time w/ you. In the very beginning before we could even see you the Dr's thought you wouldn't live. But then we saw that heart fast! Only 2 mm big...what a fighter. I prayed every moment I could for you to live and grow in mommy's womb. Then on Valentine's Day, when no one expected it...when we just peeked in on you to see how you were fading. I couldn't see you clearly...or your heart. The devestation was and still is unbearable at times. I loved each one of you...and ache for all of you now. Now it's mommy's turn to fight...fight the sadness and to pray for peace and understanding. Mommy will never forget any of you...or the dream of holding each and every one of you in my arms. I thank you for the brief joy that all of you brought and long for it now.


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