miscarried June 2, 1994.
Remembered by Denise Kornblatt:
It has been five years since my miscarriage and I still want to remember my baby. I am probably the only one who still remembers him or her but I feel it is important to do so. I was 3 months pregnant and having my third child. I began to bleed and found out on ultrasound that my baby was gone. Although I no longer feel the pain and devastation I felt back then I will always long for this sweet baby who was a much wanted "accident". I have since had another beautiful baby boy who is now 4 and he has filled a very big hole in my heart. In my baby's memory I speak with other mom's quite frequently who have gone through miscarriages. So in honor of my baby, who I hope to see one day in heaven, I have written this memorial. Mommy loves you and will never forget you!


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