born December 14, 1979 and died December 14, 1979.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
A little angel sent to me
But life on this earth wasn't
meant to be.
A tiny body still and cold
Her tiny hand was all
I could hold.

A mother's tear that will
never dry.
A father's silent question,
The reason, we may
never know
Why some can stay,
but ours must go.

JONI RAE never breathed
an earthly sigh
But her precious memory
will never die.
For she was loved right
from the start,
In that special place
beneath my heart.

Two families waited
To hold our baby tenderly
But now we all must learn
to wail,
To see our JONI RAE at
the Pearly Gate.

Joni Rae was our first after 14 years of marriage and infertility. What a nightmare!!!
She would have loved her little brother R.J. born 10/2/81.


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