born October 28, 1997 and died approximately a week earlier.
Remembered by mom and dad (Christine and Aaron):
To my dearest Lucas Christian,
I thank God for the chance to see your tiny body
To count your fingers and toes
To see your perfect spinal cord
To smile down on your shining face.

It matters not that I never got to feel your breath on my face
To hear you laugh or see your cry.
I'll never forget the sight of your tiny heart beating
Or your little mouth yawning at me on that screen.

The memory of you growing and moving in my womb will always comfort me
Your baby book, ultrasound pictures, polaroids, dreams for you,
Cards, flowers, your tree and your tiny wreath will always
Be reminders of your sweetness.

I thank my God that you came into lives if but for a moment.
I know God will look over you and keep you safe until we meet again.
I vow that I shall never forget you and you will never be
Less to me just because your time was so short.
You'll always be my firstborn son.
All our love, Mom and Dad


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