born June 3, 1997 and died June 9, 1997 (Andi) and August 8, 1997 (Zach).
My life was a poem,
Measured in the rhythm of monitors,
Sung to the music of alarms,
Composed of crystal moments,
Intricate designs of emotion and beauty and truth.

My life was an epic.
Medicine heated my veins like a dragon,
Serpent tubes silenced my cry,
God and Machine clashed in a tug-of-war,
And I fought, hanging in the balance.

My life was a sonnet,
Penned by a poet in love,
Who found wonder in the suck of a pacifier,
And in labored breaths eased by a touch,
And in bittersweet good-byes.

My life was a haiku,
Delicate and brief,
The flutter of my kick in the womb,
The graceful curve of my tiny fingers,
The quiet whisper of my last breath.

My life was a poem.
Spare moments holding rich purpose,
Painting the world in surprising new lights,
Leaving those around me
To muse.

Paige McKay Kubik
Andie and Zach Kubik were born at 23 weeks gestation. Their deaths were related to their extreme prematurity.


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