born August 25, 1989 and died September 11, 1990.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy (Michael & Patricia Kusila):
My Little Angel Matthew,
Sometimes it seems like yesterday that I held you in my arms and then there are times that it seems a million years ago. Although your life was short the joy and happiness that you brought us can never be measured. The void that was left in our lives on the day you died can never be filled. Every hope and dream that we had for you died with you. It seems that your life ended before it even started. There were so many things for you to see and learn. We never got to see the excitement on your face as you opened your Christmas presents or to tell you about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We never got to take you for your first haircut or bring you to school for the very first time. Even though we will always feel the pain of your loss we are so thankful for the short time that you were with us. I learned a lot from you but the most important thing you taught me was to treasure each and every moment you have with those that you love most because we never know when our time together will be over. So my dearest Matthew, I know that you are one of God's littlest angels and I have no doubt that your are bringing joy and happiness to those in heaven with you. Our love for you is everlasting and although we held you our arms for only a short time we will hold you in our hearts forever.
All our love, Mommy and Daddy


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