born August 12, 1991 and died August 24, 1991.
Remembered by Price, Dana, Blake, Lauren, Mariah and Kaylee Kyler:
Nathan was our special baby boy. He spent 12 short days with us. Ten of those days were in Neonatal ICU. He was home with us for only two days when we brought him to the emergency room where he died. He had a heart defect. I (his mom) am a Neonatal Nurse so the impact of his life and death has affected my career greatly. I am in the process of starting a grief packet for parents at the hospital where I work. I am also planning an education program for the nurses. Our son will be in our hearts forever. All four of our living children talk about their brother often. They are constantly correcting me if I tell someone I have four children. They quickly say you have five there is one in heaven. Nathan was our gift from God which is what Nathan means. We thank God for our salvation and the fact we will see him again one day.


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