born March 29, 2006 and died April 03, 2006.
Remembered by Mama, Daddy and makayla ( Big Sister):
We have actually lost 2 children Lil brad passed away 2 1/2 months ago and 4 years ago we lost Remington Jane. She passed away in her sleep at a month old. Lil' brad was only 5 days old and was very sick. His five days here was very difficult. He fought very hard but he just couldn't fight anymore. I dont blame him. I wont both of my children's memory to live on. I miss them very dearly. My 3 year old ask for her baby brother every day still. I dont know how to explain to her that he's not coming home.I never realized how many parents have gone through the same thing. I cant imagine someone else felling the same pain I have felt twice now. I have always prayed no one would have to go through the loss of losing a child or children; like my family has experienced. I hope this will help my children's memory live on.


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