born October 29, 1994 and died November 8, 1994.
Remembered by Sabrina, Samuel, Sayvon, and Maleek Lane:
You may have only been with us ten days but your in our hearts forever! You were and still are an angel sent down from heaven to show the entire family what the true meaning of love is. This is the hardest year for me because you would have started school this year, and I sit and think about what you would look like and how you would act. To all those who are reading this and have lost a child there is nothing that anyone can say to make you feel better whether they have been in the same situation or if they are just trying to comfort you. Just remember that as long as you remember your child they will continue to live, if only in your memory. Children who have passed are angels that God sent down to Earth and unfortunately. We on Earth are not ready for such perfection that they represent. But believe that one day you will see your little angel again if not on Earth then in there home of Heaven.


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