miscarried June 23, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Landon and Cameron, my 2 sweet angels, when your Daddy and I found out we were expecting you, we were estatic. We couldn't wait to welcome you 2 home. There were many people who couldn't wait to hold you, kiss you, and spoil you rotten. We had so many high hopes and dreams for you both. On June 23, our world was shattered. I lost both my sweet babies on that day. I didn't want to go on, I didn't know how to go on without you. I love you both so very much. I wish more than anything you were here with Mommy and Daddy. You have so many people who love you and miss you so much. One day Mommy and Daddy will be with you again... here is a poem Mommy found, it describes how I feel. I love you Landon and Cameron, so much.... An Angel came one morning, A visit he did pay. That angel took my baby, And tore my heart away. So innocent was my baby, An angel in my eye. My baby didn't whimper, Only gave a little sigh. I truly love that baby, More than words could ever say. Lord, why did that angel come, And take my babe away? The answers, I will never know, For it is your chosen way. I know my babe's in heaven, Safe in your arms, I pray. Lord, help me to see that light, So that I may understand. And when I see my babe again, It is in your promised land.


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