born 4/2/98 and died 8/9/98.
Remembered by mommy:
I can't it is nearly 8 years later, and I can't sleep, thinking of you, the accident, singing to you, the surprise smiles you gave me. I miss you still so very much. Why you? Why so little? Why that way? I'm so sorry for not protecting you. I thought of how I nursed you, and all of a sudden, I couldn't. I thought of how empty my arms felt, how your brother cried for you, and still gets so sad at the thought of you. Why? Why did God make us hurt so? I wanted you so bad, Aminah. You were my baby girl. Still are. I miss you. I hope there is a heaven and I hope I make it there. I will hold you in my arms and never let you go. I miss you, baby girl. I hope you are making God smile, the way you made us smile. I hope His love envelopes you as it did me. I pray for peace within my own heart. I miss you, baby girl. Love, Mommy


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