miscarried September 8, 1999.
Remembered by your loving mother and father:
Casey Lee, I had waited so long for this pregnancy. From the moment I knew, I couldn't stop talking about you. I searched every name book for the perfect match. I told every friend I had ever known. I was so happy, my prayers had been answered. My miracle was happening. It had only been 7 weeks since I first found out, but you were all that I could think about. My every waking moment I anticipated your arrival with so much joy. I imagined how my life would change. I dreamed of how you would look, sound, or feel in my arms. Never had I thought that MY bundle of joy could be taken from me so quickly. I didn't know any of the things that questioned me so. Like the color of your eyes,your smell, your smile, your cry, or even if you were a boy or girl. All I knew was that my Casey was gone. Gone home to be with our father up above. I knew I could love you more than words can say, but I also knew that I would see you one day. Until then Casey, God will watch over you, while you watch over me. Love, Your Mommy
PS: Your daddy loves you too, but it is too hard for him to say.


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