stillborn 4/14/06.
Remembered by Vanessa Gattis, Thomas Gattis, Crystal Gattis, Dasia Gattis, Megan Bowser and Madison Bowser:
Then though I only have the priviledge of knowing you for such a short time. I still am truly blessed to have carried you and your sister for that period. Everytime I look at your sister I feel blessed to have had you in our life. Everytime I look in your sister eyes I see you, I feel your presence and I know that somehow you are looking down on us making sure that we get through this. You will always be mommy's # 1 baby boy. But I do know that this feeling of lost I will never leave me but eventually joy will come in the morning. I would have been so proud to have you in our life but God had other plans for you. I know that even though your not physically here with us you will continue to live in our hearts and through your twin sister.


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