stillborn February 12th 2003.
Remembered by Daddy & Mommy(Mark & Jodi), Bailey, Preston, Wyatt, Noah, & Gracie Broesder:
I(Jodi)Wrote this A few days after our loss of Madisyn. Through this time in our life it has drawn myself closer to knowing the power of the Lord, what strenghth he gives us. MADISYN LESLIE BROESDER: Precious little angels, held deep in our hearts. We hold them forever, never to depart. Sadness comes across, but joy resounds. For the Lord Jesus has us calmed. Ever comes a day, never to forget, how wonderful it was to hold you for a bit. The Lord has prepared us, he has strengtened our faith, to ease or pain of leaving you this day. He gave us great light, to show us his love for you, how wonderful it is to know, that Jesus is embracing all our love to you & showing us there is greater love, in him.


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