died October 1988.
Remembered by Mom:
To my little baby that I never knew, I am so sorry that I didn't give you the chance to live. Had I been an emotionally stronger girl willing to disappoint my parents, things might have turned out differently. I was a horrible mess at 16 and would never have been able to care for you, but I could have found you a wonderful family. But that is not the choice that I made. I can't say I think of you every day, but when I see other babies you are on my mind. You would be 18 years old now. Sometimes when I am driving I look over at the empty seat and imagine you there, my friend. I don't truly know if what I did was the wrong thing. I have an amazing little girl now, 6 years old, and if my life had taken a different route she would not be here, so how do we judge who gets that chance? But you were a life already started, and you should have been able to live it. Your dad was not a good person, but I bet you would have been wonderful. I hope you are in Heaven with family and I guess when I see you there I will have some explaining to do. You are in my heart, until we meet again...


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