stillborn April 8, 2006.
Remembered by Rick and Becky DeLa'O:
Our son was loved and so wanted before we made him. In our love and much prayer we got our miracle baby.He is missed everyday and we just don't know how we continue breathing and living without him. Our lives will never be the same. There is an emptyness and lonliness in our home. We closed his room as it hurts so much to see it empty. I cannot wait to hold him and NEVER let go!! For here seems too long but there will be FOREVER. I am homesick and wish to be with my precious baby. He was wanted and not once did we ever question how much happiness he was already bringing our marriage. He forever will be missed as the hole in our hearts will always belong to him and his loving brother. I love my babies more than I love myself. For now I must try to live. When I held Gabriel I held EVERYTHING.


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