born 05/07/06 and died 07/29/06.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and Maddison:
Hello My sweet baby boy. Today I just started crying, cause mommy and everyone misses you so much. I went into your room and started folding your clothes and put them back into your dresser, like you were still with us, I know its only been about 4 weeks, but it seems like yesterday, mommy and daddy brought u home from the hospital...I should be singing you a song about now and watch you gently fall asleep, and gosh i miss that.. Daddy says hello big guy and that he love you with all his heart, and maddy keeps asking when u are comming home, and sometimes it is hard to explain it cause mommy just starts to cry, but i do my best to tell her that you are with the angels and that you are being well taken care of, and I wish i could believe that when it is my job to take care of you, but I know god had other plans for you..which i guess makes it harder..for me to understand why this happened in the first place, but I know there will never be any answer, or not now anyway.... Your brother Justin, wishes he could have met you, but he loves and misses you so much, so does Brittany and Jamie and little David.. Mommy is having such a hard time right, I am asking you that you help me find away to find piece with this and to help me understand... We miss and love you so very very much, and you are forever in our hearts..Love Mommy, Daddy, Maddison, Justin, Brittany, Jamie, and little David..


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