born 7/16/2006 and died 7/23/2006.
Remembered by Nicole & Phil Lark:
On March 3rd we were so excited when the doctors gave us the good news!!! After a year and a half, finally we were blessed with our first child. Suddenly our lives seemed so much brighter. On March 22nd, we thought our dream was ending and our precious little one was going to be taken from us....but the doctor confirmed that AJ's heartbeat was as strong as ever. In the midst of everything, her heartbeat never waivered. I knew I had a fighter I felt AJ move at the end of May and that little flutter brought a smile to my face everytime. AJ's world travels begun in May as she travelled with me to Canada to meet her family and then in June to Texas and the Caribbean! She had a great time basking in the sun Unfortunately, our fun came to a shocking end when I was admitted to the hospital at 19 weeks and 6 days. During that time AJ's heartbeat remained strong....and her kicks grew even stronger On July 5th, the doctor confirmed the sex and we named her Adriene Janai (AJ). On July 16th, AJ fought her way into the world...determined to meet her Mom and Dad. We welcomed her with open arms and looked forward to having her in our lives for as long as God would allow us. AJ left us 1 week later but she gave us more than we could imagine a 1lb 4oz little person could give. Because of her, we have experienced true and unconditional love, gained a better understanding of the meaning of family and learned to cherish the relationships we have with each other as well as our friends and family. Thank you so much my sweetpea. We feel so lucky to have met you but feel so sad to have to let you go. Rest in peace until we see you again. Love Mom & Dad


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