miscarried September 25, 1998.
Remembered by Mom and Dad:
Oh, little baby of ours, you cannot say a word.
You are out of our care; now go be with the Lord.
Who you would have looked like, how you would have grown,
your bright beautiful smile - we will always wonder so -
your quiet, gentle touch - this all we will never know.
Our love for you is true and runs so very deep.
You will be forever cradled in our arms, and though we may often weep,
We will hold each and every precious moment until, at long last, we meet!
Oh, little lima bean above, we know your eyes look down on us.
As we gaze up at the stars above, we know you will be shining bright.
We hope you feel our love!
Forever we will love you, and forever we will know that
for a moment we were three and not only two.
You brought us such joy - a love we have never known.
You were a gift from God, and within us your beauty was shown!
You will live on with us forever.
You will be in our hearts and minds forever.
You will stay with us always and forever.
You will be loved by us forever!
September 28, 1998


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