stillborn April 2, 2006.
Remembered by Mama, Daddy, Killian, Joseph, Maeve and Jack:
Even up until the beginning of my labor with you (at 40 weeks), we all looked forward to spending the rest of our lives with you. After we found out that you were already beginning your Heavenly Life, we still felt your beautiful presence so very close to us. How grateful we are that we feel you everyday, and know that you ARE spending our lives with us, even while you are living in eternal joy. Fiona, even though your chapter in the book of our family's earthly life is over, the book still goes on, with you as an indelible part of it. Though your chapter was short, it is just as GORGEOUS and as LOVED as your siblings' chapters. How blessed we were to have you here with us on earth, and how VERY BLESSED we are to have our own little Saint in Heaven! We Love You SO VERY MUCH, Little Girl!


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