stillborn September 26, 2005.
Remembered by Crystal L. Holley (mom) , Harry J. Holley II::
it all started the morning of September 26, 2005 , the time was 7:00 am. i didn't know what it was but i knew that i had to get to the hospital and i knew i had to get there fast. we all got to the hospital and as soon i got in the room my water broke. the pain of going into labor didnt hurt that much, as it did hurt knowing that my baby was being born too early. they told me to stop screaming but i didn't know that i was screaming at that point. well it has been a good month, one week, and five days since the birth of our sons. the last word i need to tell the other moms and dads going through the same as us, it can't rain all the time, plus the pain with never go away but you will learn to live with it. yes u love your baby but know that your baby will always be watching over you and his/ hers other loved ones. no matter what i know our perfact baby boy will always be with us in our walk of life.


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