miscarried dec 14,2000.
Remembered by nana and poppa:
our dearest june angel, it has been 5 years since our heavenly father took you in his loving arms and kept you in his care. you would have been in kindergarten this yr. and you and george would have been best cousins,because he was born in dec 2000.we are quite a family now. there 6 boys and 6 girls. they all think about you and mercury up in heaven playing and just carefree and happy. nana and poppa can't wait to see you and mercury when we are called home. at christmas, since you have been gone we hang an ornament on the tree with your name on it. this year nana and poppa will do the same for mercury. we do that so we always remember you are a part of us and are always in our heart,mind and not a day goes by that we don't think about some milestone you two could be making now. we miss you and love you. love, nana and poppa


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