born 9-10-04 and died 7-14-06.
Remembered by Robert Glenn Brammer and Julia Marfell-Brammer:
Emily Elizabeth Brammer came in this world on September 10, 2004. She had fight for life from the start. Born at 29 weeks and fight began. She was so tiny and small. Hot day in September, she was 3lbs. 5oz. and was 21 inch long. I don't remember it so well. I was so sick. They decide she would better off out then in. Robert being by my side going through everything. She came into this world. He was over whelm by joy of her. Now our life as a family was to start. But Emily stayed in the hospital for 50 day's. Emily had a heart of gold. She was loved by everyone that has meet her. She never cried she was good baby and wonderful daughter. I think we were the lucky ones cause God picked us to be her parent's. She never judge no one but loved all the people she has meet on earth. I have to say she was a angel from the start. Emily left this world in untimely way. Emily was killed by TV, our Tv stand gave way and Tv fall forward. She was not climbing she was just walking by. I have to say I never thought TV and furniture kills. But they do. So please listen to me closely and check all your TV and Furniture in your home. If it moves an way mount it to the wall some how. Cause a life of child is a gift. Once they are gone you cant bring them back. No matter how much you loved them. Never thank me thank Emily. She gave her life, now we are just trying to get the word out about the danger we have in our home.


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