born November 14, 1999 and died November 14, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Grandma MaryAnne and Grandpa Bob:
Shelby Anne's mommy went into labor at 31 weeks, with what the doctors felt was pre eclampsia. For 24 hours the doctors told us that everything was fine as they worked to stop the contractions and get things under control. Right up to the delivery everything, we were told was fine, that at 31 weeks you would have no problems other than your lungs might not be fully developed but that was not a major problem. Your little heart beat strong as your mommy worked to push, but she was just too exhausted and the decision was made for a C-section. Even as the doctors were delivering you your heart stayed strong and we were told all was fine. When they rushed you into the NICU we still believed all was well. Ten minutes later our hearts were broken as yours stopped. All of us were so thrilled by your pending arrival, but no one was happier than your mommy and daddy. When mommy and daddy held you for the first time and saw that you were a small replica of daddy they realized that their lives would never be the same. Always know Shelby Anne that you will be a part of our lives, and that not a day will pass without you in our thoughts. One of your mommy's first thoughts was that you were in heaven with great-grandma Lorette and great-grandpa Bob and they were caring for you with all their love. I believe Shelby Anne that you are my personal angel in heaven and that when the time comes for us to meet you will be waiting for me. Your mommy is still too upset to put to words her feelings, but she did ask me to tell you "Mommy Loves You, Shelby Anne. Please watch over all of us and we look forward to the day we will see you once again.


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