miscarried 11-10-06.
Remembered by Mommy:
The Day You Died On the day you died ... my heart was shattered ... my body was numb ... the day dawned grey, dark clouds of mourning ... then God sent a sunbeam to chase them away ... to remind me how beauty looks, to warm my frozen heart The day you died ... my heart shattered into a million pieces ... my dreams flew away like helium balloons ... my life did not seem worth the effort The day you died ... The angels made a special trip to meet you ... The trees wore their most beautiful foliage in your honour; Red and Gold - like royalty, to celebrate your arrival in heaven, to acknowledge how special you are, to remind me that some children are too precious to leave Heaven The day you died ... The world kept turning and life went on, but... The day you died changed everything. We all miss you so much little one, and someday we'll see each other in Heaven


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