miscarried june 6th 2001.
Remembered by mummy:
when i found out i was pregnant i thought i was to young as i was only 15 at that stage and well not really to be a mum but after a while i got used to the fact that i was pregnant and well i loved the fact of being able to share my love with something so precious and small and it would give it right back to me i was 3 months pregnant to the love of my life well so i thought, i loved him so much and to think that i was having a baby to him was just exciting but i think god was trying to tell me that i just wasnt ready and well i had a complete misscarriage i cant tell u how much pain and heart ache it gave me losing this little bundle of joy words just cant exspress my pain even after so long i still think that i would have a little son or daughter at primary school by now. but i have had a little boy since then and well he makes me so happy to have him here with me he is 2 yrs old and i thank god every day for him being here thanks for listening shanah


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