miscarried 2001.
Remembered by Don and Elizabeth Boyte:
Even though you were too young to know what you would have been, we knew that you were two and named you as a boy and a girl...Saige and Gage. We were excited to know that there would eventually be two of everything until God made the decision to take you home early. Three months later, we decided to try again, and we were thankful to know that we were going to be blessed with one this time. When we found out that it was going to be a girl, we named her after one of you...Saige. We know that you were created from the moment you were conceived and knowing that, we know that we will oneday meet with wings. You now have a brother named Hunter and always your older sister, Kaitlynn. AFMNF (A Mother and Father Never Forgets)!!! WE LOVE YOU, Mommy and Daddy.


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